Viscose Yarn

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Viscose Yarn is a natural yarn made from wood pulp. Viscose is a viscous organic liquid used to make rayon and cellophane. Cellulose from wood or cotton fibers is treated with sodium hydroxide, and then mixed with carbon disulfide to form cellulose xanthate, which is dissolved in more sodium hydroxide.

The resulting viscose is extruded into an acid bath either through a slit to make cellophane, or through a spinneret to make rayon. The acid converts the viscose back into cellulose. It is used widely & in huge demands owing to its special characteristics like:

  • High strength
  • Low moisture retention
  • Best suitable for highly developed machines that are used in textile industry

Viscose is a unique form of wood cellulose acetate that can be used for the manufacture of a number of different types of products. Viscose can also be made into the more common form of rayon that is used for many types of textile products, including clothing. Viscose rayon has a silky appearance and feel, and also has the ability to breathe in a manner similar to cotton weaves. One of the more popular properties of viscose rayon is that the fabric tends to drape very well, which makes it ideal for use in simple curtains, as well as the perfect fabric to line more formal draperies. Viscose is also being used for linings and furnishing fabrics; providing the staple for towels and table-cloths and was being made into high tenacity yarn for tires. Yet other uses included the manufacture of sponges and absorbent cloths. For the International business likes imports & export, We at Alltex Exim can provide best quality Viscose Yarn from manufacturers and suppliers from India, China, Vietnam and other textile hubs. We have consistent monitoring of markets & providing valuable feedback to our valuable customers.

Ne 20 to Ne 60
Ring Spun
1 Ply & 2 Ply SD / BR / RW / Dyed Weaving / knitting India / Vietnam / China
Ne 6 to Ne 24
Open End
1 Ply & 2 Ply SD / BR / RW / Dyed Weaving / knitting India / Vietnam / China

Products specifications can be customised as per buyers requirements.

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